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Investing In

Whisky Casks

A cask of Scotch whisky is actually a very sound investment. It becomes more valuable with age, yet remains immune to the fluctuations of financial markets. Whisky is considered a ‘wasting asset’, meaning the usual tax considerations do not apply!

Whisky casks come in all shapes and sizes, including Octaves, Quarters, Barrels, Hogsheads, Puncheons and Butts. 


Have you ever wished you could call a whisky cask your own?

It is now possible to privately acquire your own cask of Scotch whisky, quietly resting somewhere in Scotland and waiting for the perfect time to be bottled. The team behind The Single Cask will find and care for your barrel of whisky so you don’t have to worry about it. Exit strategy should you wish to sell your barrel of whisky is 100% guaranteed. 

Bottling Your


Our team of whisky specialists monitor every cask on behalf of their owners, keeping them updated on each spirit’s progress. When we deem the whisky to be at its absolute best, we take care of everything, from bottling and labelling to shipping and sales.

Earn & Enjoy

The wait is worthwhile! In the past our cask owners have enjoyed excellent returns on their initial investment, typically between 7-12% per year. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that a typical ‘hogshead’ cask can yield over two hundred and seventy bottles, so there’s always the chance to take a few of your own whiskies home with you!

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