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Scotch whisky is one of Scotland’s most enduring natural assets. Its roots are firmly embedded in Scottish history and traditions where it is an intrinsic part of everyday Scottish life. 

The reach of Single Malt Scotch is phenomenal reaching every part of the world, the demand from Asia is now truly astonishing. Distilled in a little more than one hundred distilleries dotted around the highlands, islands and glens of Scotland, and then exported to more than 200 markets around the world – an unrivalled reach for the product of just one relatively small country.

“Scotch Whisky is a product that has acquired a timeless mystique that has transformed this once- crude distillate of fermented barley into one of the marvels of the world. It is simply the world’s most successful spirit and most universally-known strong alcoholic drink”. Quote from ‘Scotch Missed’ Brian Townsend.

Malt Vault Singapore directly imports Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Scotland to Singapore and distributes to the whole of Asia. Whether you are looking for that special single cask whisky or an old and rare whisky we can help you find it. Are you looking to entertain a private party or corporate event? We can arrange any size of whisky dinner, whisky tasting or whisky event; the only limit is your imagination. 

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About Us

Malt Vault has a passion for the finest Single Malt Scotch and Single Grain Whisky; we source casks, bottle, import and export distributing only the very best Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies Scotland has to offer. Malt vault has a focused distribution network in Asia and export direct from Scotland to most corners of the world. 

Malt Vault has grown up with Single Malt at its heart; with our strong network of international contacts we are able to offer Single Malt direct from the cask to the glass. Malt Vault’s Managing Director Ben Curtis has spent many years in the beverage industry, but hails from a very different background in property and alternative investment markets. This has given the company strength in acquisition and negotiation, ensuring the future of the company and its investors. He turned his passion for Scotch into a very successful business focusing on the acquisition, investment and distribution of Scotch Single Malt . Malt Vault has grown from strength to strength and now offers a limited number of Investors the opportunity to invest in the companies supply chain. It goes without saying “We don’t let the angels take your share”! 

Our Vision is to provide our customers with the very best Single Malt Scotland has to offer bringing them new, ever changing and exciting Scotch Whisky experiences. 

Our Mission is to provide the world with the purest form of Whisky available “Single Cask”. And to educate everyone we meet, on why the Scots call their nation drink “The Water of Life”.

Malt vault has a number of strategic partnerships with key distributors in Asia and across the World these companies act as brand ambassadors for our full range of Whiskies. As the demand for Single Malt Scotch is now outstripping the supply, Malt Vault had to look to the future purchasing casks and rare bottles so as to have access to stock for years to come. This is underpinned by our exclusive distribution contracts with some of Scotland most respected independent bottlers and distilleries. We are now able to offer more expressions than ever before. Our own brand “Single Cask” and our other independent brands are growing in popularity and have a true following of collectors and consumers. 

Singapore with its world renowned free trade port and bonded warehouse facilities is used as the showcase and logistics hub for Asia used for importing, logistics and distribution. Malt Vaults distribution channels are already in place in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea and Taiwan, with the view to open new supply channels in to Hong Kong, China, Macau and Japan.

Scotland is the key to Malt Vaults International sales and acts as the European hub for Export and distribution to the rest of the world. Malt Vaults partnerships in Europe, Russia, India, America and South America and Asia are strengthening and the demand increasing. 

Our event management and tasting team organize the events from Singapore which are held all over Asia for private and corporate clients


Whisky Distribution  – Corporate Gifts – Cask Ownership

Single Malt Whisky Distribution

Single Malt Whisky Distribution

Single malt whisky is a whisky made at one particular distillery from a mash that uses only malted barley. Our carefully selected range of single malt whiskies have chosen from the very best of Scotland’s independent and family owned distilleries.

Whisky Cask Ownership & Private Bottling

Whisky Cask Ownership & Private Bottling

Becoming a cask owner, is a great investment for those who enjoy or who are interested in whisky. We release only a limited number of casks each year to individuals, clubs and groups of whisky loving friends.



Our whisky investment program offers the investor the opportunity to invest in maturing whisky casks. Returns of 8-15% per year can be expected for this lucrative and intoxicating investment.  Entry level investments can be made from as little as 10,000 Sterling.

Whisky Cask Ownership

Whisky cask ownership is a great alternative for investors they can participate in the ownership and investment in maturing casks of the Scotland’s finest whiskies. The casks will be bought back and will in turn be bottled the duration of the standard proposal is 1-10 years. The investors whisky will be bottled and sold distributed to the worldwide markets allowing the investors to capitalise on their investment.

Malt Vault is the brand owner of “The Single Cask” and the owner of casks of the  whisky stock provided for the cask ownership program. Malt vault utilises independent bottling facilities in Scotland for the production of their own “Single Cask” products.

Some whiskies will be bottled under the “The Single Cask” brand others are offered by the cask to other independent bottlers, private labels or branded for corporate customers.

Malt Vault is the exclusive marketing arm of the finished bottled products for all Asian, European, American, African, Russian and Australasian markets. The company already works with existing distribution companies in markets such as Europe, America, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Australia. The company has a mix of wholesale volume buyers, major specialist retailers as well as private collectors and corporate high end customers.

Investors are be able to acquire tranches of hand selected and exclusive casks ranging from SDG $20,000 to SGD $1,000,000. Larger portfolios can be arranged buy appointment.

The investor receives a guarantee that the ownership of the casks is transferred by Malt Vault to them by means of ownership title certificate.

Malt Vault (S) Pte Ltd has an unblemished record with regard to security and stores millions of dollars’ worth of whisky for its own production and on behalf of clients.

All casks are fully insured, and is provided for the first 5 years, if addition storage and insurance is require remaining casks after the first 5 years this will be charged at the market price, Malt vault does not earn from storage or insurance.

Sales Strategy

Malt vault has multiple distributors and outlets across Asia for the finished bottled product and can confidently project the demand and when the product will be sold providing the investor with their return on investment. We will allocate only a proportion of our overall stock for this proposal and therefore will prioritize bottling of the investors stock first. Bottling of investors casks can start be within 12-18 months of ownership with the subsequent bottling of casks throughout the holding period as and when the cask reaches its optimum level of maturity.

Malt vault has already established a demand in Asia for The Single Cask Single Malt Whisky. Over the past 10 year the demand for Single Malt Whisky has grown to the level that it is now outstripping the supply. Malt Vault sells its own brand alongside some of Scotland leading distillery brands and holds exclusive distribution rights with some very discerning distilleries.

Now with the brand established and support of Malt Vault Investors. We are embarking on the distribution of a unique whisky concept. Not just selling whisky but selling a whole whisky experience. We are now offering outlets the opportunity to create a whisky concept (Whisky Bar/Single Malt bar/Tasting room) within their existing businesses. This also offers distributors the opportunity to hold and sell some of the rarest and most sought after whiskies in the world.

Our sister companies The Single Cask Ltd and The Single Cask Pte Ltd own two exclusive whisky bars “The Single Cask Singapore” and “The Single Cask Stamford” further strengthening our investors exit strategies.


Private Bottling & Corporate Gifts

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The Whisky Ambassador programme is the UK’s only accredited training course about whisky. It is a fun and interactive training programme designed specifically for the Licensed Trade, giving staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to customers about Scotland’s national drink. This leads to better customer experience and increased sales.

The Whisky Ambassador is a one-day programme covering:

The economic impact of whisky
How, when and where it all started
Where and how it’s made
Nosing and tasting
Mixers and cocktails
Sales and customer service
Drink less. Drink better
Other world whiskies
Practical and written exams
The programme is accredited by BIIAB, the UK’s leading provider of qualifications for the licensed trade (www.bii.org)

The Whisky Ambassador is now available in Singapore